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Picture of 1949 - 1952 Chrysler Chrysler Cut-Sewn Carpet

1949 - 1952 Chrysler Chrysler Cut-Sewn Carpet

Cut and sewn carpet that comes pre-stitched. Usually in two pieces (one front and one back). Comes with heel pad pre-attached.


1949 - 1952 Chrysler Chrysler Cut-Sewn Carpet

High quality replacement carpet made like the original for your car. Carpet kits are available in mutliple colors for your selection and guaranteed to fit.

  • Carpet is made up of multiple pieces sewn together
  • Guaranteed to fit the floor pans of your car
  • Generally takes 3-5 BUSINESS days to produce (call 800-681-0710 to check current times)
  • Comes with heel pad preattached like the original
  • Comes with jute padding every where your feet rest on the floor pans
Part #Description - click any of the links below for more detailsPriceDetails
10500752-Door Hard Top and Convertible (cut and sewn) - 229.95Details
10500882-Door Sedan (cut and sewn) - 229.95Details
10500894-Door Sedan (cut and sewn) - 229.95Details

Notice the difference between a hardtop and a sedan. A hardtop doesn't have a post (B pillar).

sedan versus hardtop